Governance and management matter...

We work with a variety of organizations that have differing
missions but confront similar challenges.

We understand...

that public and nonprofit leaders and managers face competing demands from stakeholders for high-quality, effective, and timely services; efficient operations; and integrity and accountability.

We believe...

that transparency and accountability are essential organizational values that
promote confidence in governments and nonprofit organizations.

We know...

that successful organizations are mission-driven and that achieving their missions
requires close attention to organizational performance and viability.

Consultants to governments and nonprofits

Clarus Group is dedicated to helping governments and nonprofit organizations meet high standards of performance and integrity. We also provide advice and assistance to private companies that conduct or seek to conduct business with the public sector.

The principals of Clarus Group, Dan Ahern and Pamela Bloomfield, have worked together since 1983 and collectively possess more than 60 years of experience that includes management and oversight of public and nonprofit agencies and programs, design and implementation of accountability systems, performance auditing and evaluation, public policy analysis, effective and ethical procurement and contracting, and professional training development and delivery.

Clarus Group’s services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We bring independent analytical expertise and a longstanding commitment to organizational performance, integrity, and accountability to every consulting engagement. Drawing upon current research and best practices, we provide our clients with thoughtful, pragmatic recommendations that address their needs.